GNUmed is a client-server system. A full(y) local installation needs both a database and a client.

There is, however, a public database available for testing.

Content is being resurrected from the wiki. If you need information that is not available send us an inquiry on either mailing list:

Client Installation

Debian based systems

  • install the latest packaged version:

	$> apt-get install gnumed-client
  • run GNUmed:

	$> gnumed

Other systems

  • download the latest client from the Download Area

  • unpack and check dependencies (assuming version 1.8.0):

	$> tar -xvzf gnumed-client.1.8.0.tgz
	$> cd gnumed-client.1.8.0/external-tools/
	$> ./check-prerequisites.sh
  • install what is missing

  • run GNUmed:

	$> cd gnumed-client.1.8.0/client/
	$> ./gm-from-vcs.sh # or, on Windows: gm-from-vcs.bat

This approach can also be used if the latest released version has not been packaged yet for your system. Packaged and unpackaged minor releases can be run alongside each other while different major releases typically require different database versions.

Database Installation

For testing you can use the public database at publicdb.gnumed.de:5432

For production use you should setup a local database.