GNUmed database installation

This procedure will irrevocably delete any GNUmed databases pre-existing in the PostgreSQL server you are installing into.

Follow the upgrade procedures when working with an existing GNUmed database. '''''

Setting up your own GNUmed database for local use involves these steps:

  • installing PostgreSQL

  • installing the GNUmed database package

  • bootstrapping the GNUmed database

These steps need to be run with sufficient privileges, typically as root, or with sudo, on your GNUmed database machine.

Eventually you need to configure PostgreSQL for use with GNUmed clients.

Debian based systems

As root (or with sudo):

  • install PostgreSQL and the GNUmed server package

  • run the bootstrapper to actually setup the database

	$> apt-get install postgresql
	$> apt-get install postgresql-client
	$> apt-get install gnumed-server
	$> gm-bootstrap_server

Other systems

	$> tar -xvzf gnumed-server.22.12.tgz
	$> cd gnumed-server.22.12/server/bootstrap/
	$> sudo ./bootstrap-latest.sh

(again, this will delete existing GNUmed databases)